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Building on the success of its first edition, the 2nd AIBR International Conference of Anthropology brings together anthropologists from different parts of the world under the theme "Identity: Bridges, Thresholds, and Barriers." Since the beginnings of our discipline, we have reflected upon the categories, the continuities and discontinuities of being human. Therefore, to what extent are we "inventing" identity? If we have traditionally drawn a line between identity and alterity, have these essential concepts become the discipline’s very barriers? At one level, thinking about who we are requires to discriminate, to define and to separate. At another level it requires to incorporate, to relate, to entangle. These are the vectors by which the idea of identity is "good to think" and to be thought about, to discuss, and to provoke the anthropological debate that we will engage in at this conference.

The second edition of this conference will be jointly organized by AIBR (Network of Iberoamerican Anthropologists), GRECS (Research Group on Control and Social Exclusion), and the Department of Cultural Anthropology and History of America and Africa in the University of Barcelona, during 6-9 September 2016 in the beautiful city of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

The theme for this year welcomes a large number of proposals and anthropologists from all subfields of the discipline. The conference aims to create a space that combines traditional forms of dissemination of knowledge—papers, posters, keynote addresses—with a wide variety of formats to inspire discussion and debate—roundtables, documentary films, and book presentations. 



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