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Do I have to pay the conference fee before the submission of my paper or panel?

No. The submission and evaluation of a paper or panel is free. AIBR will only request to pay the registration fee once the author knows whether his or her paper has been accepted.

Can I present more than one paper?

Participants may present up to two papers in two different panels.

Can I present a film?

Yes. Please send your film abstract through the online submission portal. Maximum length of films is 100 minutes.

Should I send the full text of my paper?

No. We only need to receive the title, abstract, and keywords.

What is the written extension of a 15 minutes presentation?

A 15 minutes presentation occupies approximately 7-8 double-spaced pages.

Will there be a book of abstracts?

Participants will receive a book of abstracts in digital format. The full papers will not be included in the book of abstracts.

What happens if I want to cancel my registration once I have already paid?

Reimbursement for cancelations before May 31 will be 60% of the total payment. After that date there will be no reimbursement for cancelations.




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